Announcing Skype for Business


If you haven’t heard, Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of Skype for Business.  As many others are, I am personally super excited about the upcoming release as Skype for Business represents the ultimate goal in what Unified Communications wished to achieve in connecting organizations and experts on a global scale across all user experiences (mobile, cloud, devices).  Skype for Business not only enables the security and scalability that enterprises require, but also the ability to attract new generations of workers.  With 5 billion+ users who have experienced the Skype consumer client, familiarity is king and enabling the simplicity of communication across platforms, browsers, and devices will usher in a new categorization of collaboration, Universal Communications.  This capability will enable organizations to reach their highest potential of truly becoming a digital business by enabling cross-enterprise communication and collaboration, but more importantly, connecting to their respective digital customers!

I have personally been involved developing applications for the upcoming Skype for Business platform’s predecessor applications including Microsoft Lync, Communicator, and Windows Messenger and can tell you that the development capabilities for the platform are what excite me the most.  Being able to implement scalable and feature-rich collaboration and communication services into line of business applications is my life’s passion.  With the new Skype for Business platform, healthcare organizations will finally be able to offer secure, stable, and deep experiences in Telehealth/Remote Care.  Financial institutions will be able to replace analog experiences such as banking lobbies.  Retail organizations will be able to truly connect seamlessly and offer integrated shopping experiences via web and mobile applications.  Integrated and real-time audio translation services will enable communication between any party regardless of nationality.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the art of the possible.

I look forward to the release and will be commenting on capabilities when able to as well as showing examples of possible capabilities and my team’s experience with our research and development efforts related to the Skype for Business Web Developer platform.  Having commented on Microsoft’s UC platform heavily in the past and being a 6-time and the 2nd Microsoft UC MVP, I can truly say that Microsoft has it right with Skype for Business.  This is the culmination of over a decade of work, producing a platform that will enable future generations of innovation in human communication.  I look forward to being a part of that journey!

Read more about the release via

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