Skype Developer Platform Launches at Microsoft Ignite

joe-at-ignite_editedMicrosoft Ignite, hosted in Chicago, IL last week was one of my most favorite events.  Packed full of product and platform announcements accompanied by exclusive interviews, video shoots, presentations and sessions as well as a massive after party showcasing one of mine and my kids’ favorite bands, “Fall out Boy”, it was an event to remember.  At Ignite, 2 significant announcements were made within the world I live in everyday with the launch of Skype for Business (both Skype for Business Server 2015 and Skype for Business Online) and the newly announced Skype Developer Platform which my team and I have been working with for the past year.  The Skype Developer Platform has enabled us over the past year to develop and deploy web-based applications with integrated HD-Audio/Video, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, Presence and other features backed by the Skype for Business platform offering new, exciting, and innovative end-user experiences through the magic of communications software.

In short, the Skype Developer Platform is the essence of what the promise of CEBP (Communications Enabled Business Processes) was a decade or more so ago.  With this capability, developers have the opportunity to learn a new and intuitive API to build rich applications that connect devices, processes, and people in ways not thought possible and across industries as with customer service in retail, digital banking experiences between customers and agents, as well as rich new secure Telehealth capabilities connecting care providers and patients.  This capability has definitely been a long time coming, but has also required relentless work and dedication not only by Microsoft, but its partners and developers like us as well as industry focus on a “plug-in-less” solution for Audio/Video via the web as seen driven by WebRTC and the new ORTC project.

Next steps include taking this capability to Skype for Business Online and connecting Skype Consumer and Skype for Business users in natural and familiar ways to improve communication and collaboration as well as remove human latency that exists between processes today in order to truly enable the Digital Business and Digital Customer.  Stay tuned for more information and frequent updates.  To learn more about the Skype Developer Platform and recent announcements, visit

To watch the full presentation from Ignite, see the video below:

To see examples of new apps we have developed leveraging the platform, watch below:

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