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This page is dedicated to Skype for Business Server and Skype Developer Platform Support based on issues my team and I have encountered in order to help others who may encounter the same.  At the end of the day, it’s software written by humans, right?

Skype Developer Platform Help Topics

Adding a Custom Menu App to the Skype for Business Client Application

To add a custom menu option for Help or other services to your end-users, simply create a registry update file (*.reg) file that contains the following properties (edit to your liking):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Name"="Bing Search"
"Tooltip"="Click here to Bing!"

Feel free to download and use the Bing Icon file here to test. Click here – bing

Custom menu should look like the images below:

Contact Hover


Main Window Right Click


Conversation Window Extension Menu



Special Note: Make sure the icon file/image file is accessible to all of your users you are deploying the menu update to.  You can edit and control where the custom menu will appear by choosing which “ExtensibleMenu” option to choose.  As you can see in the code above, your custom menu can appear in the Conversation Window Extension (CWE) (…) menu, Contact Right-Click menu, etc.  Choose as defined by your end-user requirements.  For 64-bit Clients, apply the same settings above, but use the registry hive, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\SessionManager\Apps instead of the one above.  For more information visit

Cleaning your Machine Application Cache

At least once a day if not more depending on User Interface updates, I, like many other developers, clean my application cache to ensure I’m viewing the latest changes on any web or .NET development to projects I and/or my team is working on.  This is different from cleaning the browser cache in Edge, IE, Chrome, Safari, FireFox or other browsers in that it actually cleans any ActiveX, .NET image/UI caching, etc.  I always take it for granted and constantly send this little command to many of the business groups that work with us in early dev or piloting apps we’re developing with daily/weekly/bi-weekly builds and sprints.  So if you are trying to test your app and for some reason are not seeing any updates or changes that you know have been made, simply open up a command prompt (as an admin) and type

rundll32 dfshim CleanOnlineAppCache

and hit the Enter key as shown below:



Skype for Business Server 2015 Help Topics

Following the in-place Upgrade from Lync Server 2013 Fails on Code 1638

I and several others have experienced a scenario when trying to follow the step by step guide for Skype for Business Server 2015 In-Place Upgrade via where the setup installer returns an error stating “Error returned while installing OcsCore.msi” and states a Code #1638.  Upon looking at the log file, you’ll notice an error as shown below:


Searching on this code today yields no results, which will change, but for anyone looking for a resolution, this is what we had to do in order to upgrade our Lync Server 2013 Front-End to S4B:

  1. Close the installer.
  2. On the Front-End Server(s) Open the Control Panel and select under Programs (Classic View) “Uninstall a program”.
  3. Find the program, Microsoft Lync Server 2013, Core Components.
    • S4BUninstallLync
  4. Uninstall this program.
  5. Re-Open the Skype for Business 2015 Server Setup located via “~\Setup\amd64\Setup.exe”
  6. This time you will follow setup steps similar to the previous setup of Lync Server 2013.
  7. First, Follow Step 1 to Install Local Configuration Store and follow the steps in the setup wizard.
  8. Next, Follow Step 2 to Setup Skype for Business Server Components and follow the steps in the setup wizard.
  9. Next, Follow Step 3 to Request, Install or Assign Certificates and choose your previously deployed Lync Server 2013 Front-End (Enterprise CA Certs) to Assign.
  10. Next, Check if there are any Updates (using Windows Update) and Install.
  11. Lastly, Reboot (if prompted) or Follow Step 4 to Start Services (if not already started during reboot).
  12. If successful, all services should start.  Check Event Viewer for Errors if not.
    • S4BSuccess
  13. Test by connecting/signing in with a Skype for Business Client User.

5 Comments on “Skype Server & Developer Support

  1. Can I jsut add that it it not always the core components that need removing. I had it that a number of parts of Lync 2013 where still showing as installed with the same error message. For me it was “Microsoft lync server 2013 Front end server”.

    In this case you cant remove the core components with out first uninstalling the applications dependent on it.

    So I would suggest if people have this issue if the core components will not un-install with an error including “some files may still be in use”, they check what else is still installed that may be preventing the removal.

    I ended up removing 3 applications before the upgrade would continue with out error.


  2. You should change to 1638, since 1683 is wrong. I also tried your suggestion by uninstalling the Core components, but that didn’t work, core components won’t uninstall.


    • RESOLVED: Just copy the server.msi file from the standard installation disc for Lync Server 2013 and replace it over the old file on the front end located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Lync Server\Deployment\cache\5.0.8308.0\setup. The file should be 10588KB and not 10568KB (which probably was a file from the Evaluation install)


    • Thanks Joel, it was a typo. Appreciate the catch! Regarding the core component uninstallation, that worked for me and many others. I’ll add this to the post though. Glad to see you worked it out.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I was stuck with a broken Skype for Business 2015 in place upgrade for a whole saturday until I came upon this post. I also had to uninstall the XMPP Gateway component too as this failed when I restarted the deployment. After removing it and restarting deployment again, it completed the bootstrap successfully. Now to tackle the Edge Server. What awaits?


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